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Aldo Leopold and Environmental Ethics

While browsing through a few of my old documents, I came upon this paper written for an environmental ethics course I took at Texas A&M in the spring of 2005. I believe this was the final paper of the semester, but I found it interesting and figured I would share.
Prompt: In regards to environmental ethics [...]

December 10th, 2009
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The Front Porch Project

With this entry I want to take the time and promote a group that I think has the potential to be a great success. As with many of the issues we have addressed here on the-veg, perhaps the largest obstacle between the current way-of-things and a more holistic way of life is the set of [...]

October 5th, 2009
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As Promised: The Village West Project

I apologize once again for not having more regular posts on the-veg as of late, but many good things have been happening! As I mentioned in “The Beginning of an Adventure”, I am in the early stages of my largest self-sufficiency and sustainability project. As part of walking the walk, this is an integral part [...]

August 17th, 2009
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What Does Your Yard Say About You?

It is Sunday morning and you slip on your favorite robe and pair of slippers. You head out your front door, greeted by the golden morning light and survey your immaculately shaped St. Augustine grass. Your yard glistens in thanks to the irrigation systems that ran the night before, and in fact, are still running [...]

July 12th, 2009
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The Beginning of an Adventure

Welcome to the beginning of a grand experiment. I have found myself nearing closing on my first place. Using the wisdom of some of the people around me, I have found a piece of property nearby. It is in a relatively high density area, but not a typical neighborhood and without too many restrictions as [...]

July 1st, 2009
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Earth Day Resolutions

“Happy Earth Day from the-veg! As a response and continuation of our Walking the Walk series, I thought it would be appropriate to make some resolutions for myself regarding changes I should make within the next year to lower my ecological footprint. I figure this will not only give me a better idea of some of the weaker points in my own life style, but might provide readers with ideas for changing their lifestyles as well.”

April 22nd, 2009
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My Footprint

“While I realize that for some of you this is probably old news, but I feel that it is an important resource for any of us trying to live in a more sustainable manner (not to mention the old quiz has been changed quite a bit). Redefining Progress, a public think tank and the Center for Sustainable Economy have developed a tool called My Footprint (link here) which calculates your approximate land resource used based on travel, diet, and general living choices and conditions.”

April 20th, 2009
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Walking the Walk – Intro

“have realized that I have a long way to go with changing my life style before I can call myself a true environmentalist. Within the last couple of months I have taken a few baby steps toward that direction but I have a lot further to go. I find that I am often an “environmentalist when convenient” and generally can’t be bothered with issue if an obligatory inconvenience is involved. Granted some things about my current living style cannot be easily changed, but some definitely can.”

April 20th, 2009
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