Sponsored by Vincent Environmental Group (VEG) a division of Vincent Landscapes Incorporated (VLI), we are hoping to attract the attention and contributions from people all over to create a more complete synthesis of ideas between professionals, scholars, craftsmen and everything in between. We feel that when careful planning and design is combined with the natural environment great results can emerge. In a world climate where resources are becoming scarce in greater degrees, and people are being denied access to even those resources necessary for life, the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle is not just for hippies and liberals, but for everyone sharing this planet including those generations to come.

Here various authors will provide insight into a multitude of subjects relating to environmental technology, self-sufficiency, environmental development, and global environmental news. VEG/VLI projects that show new or innovative concepts relating to sustainable development will be posted throughout the development construction phases. More obscure conceptual ideas will be posted in order to create an open-forum, hopefully creating a more complete and feasible product that can then be realized and tested. VEG also offers private environmental consulting upon request including LEED project observation and certification. As things progress, detailed drawings of various environmental solutions will be available upon request as well.

For information regarding LEED certification or other forms of environmental consulting, please visit our contact page.

Thank you.