Elizabeth Hines

Hometown: Loretto, PA

Elizabeth graduated from Delaware Valley College (Doylestown, PA) in May 2009, with a B.S. degree in Large Animal Science, Livestock Science and Management. She is currently attending Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX) working and studying in the Animal Science, Muscle Biology Gradute Research Program. Her interests are primarily in animal agriculture and public health, and the correlation between the two. Her interest in sustainability and the VEG stems from a desire to create a bridge of understanding between the producer and the consumer about the food that we eat, and the best way to produce this food in the most practical method for both, as well as maintaining and improving the environment for future generations. Outside of her intense study in agriculture, Elizabeth’s passion is to learn as much about this world as she possibly can.

 (Please allow me to add a quick apology for the large gaps between my posts, I do not have much time in my studies for anything other than my studies. I will continue to try and post as often as possible, in the mean time, please leave thoughtful comments!!)